FETC Orlando: Until We Meet Again!

Once again, FETC has come and gone. It was another year of technology advancements in teaching, learning, and education. The OLE team had a great time in Orlando showing everyone the power of OLE and what it can do to help improve the current education landscape and make teachers’ lives easier.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Pearson OLE booth presentations. We appreciate your interest, support, and dedication to education.

After the presentations, we gave away some iPod Shuffles, 30-Day Trials, and the ever-so-popular OLE water bottles. If you didn’t receive your 30-Day Trial or if you lost your trial card, please click here to access the 30-Day OLE Trial sign-up page. As we said in the presentations, we want you to be able to experience firsthand the power of OLE , so we encourage you to sign up for the trial and take advantage of OLE.

Check out a couple of the iPod Shuffle winners that were drawn after the OLE presentations:

Also, Quinn from the OLE team took some cool pictures while at FETC:

(Click image for larger view)

FETC 2012 is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch with us. Drop us a note, check out the community, or sign up for the free 30-Day Trial. If you need more information about OLE or would like a demo, just send us a quick e-mail here.

Thanks again to all of you who attended the presentations or stopped by the booth to say hi. We appreciate it. We hope you enjoyed FETC 2012 in sunny Orlando.

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