Make Connections: 5 Pinterest Boards to Follow

Every month, I select the best of Pinterest so you can shake up your account with new content and people to follow. In January, I focused on the new year’s resolutions. February, though, was time to think globally with a particularly interesting theme: make connections.
From the classroom to the entire world, how can teachers and students make connections for better teaching and learning? To begin with, follow these 5 Pinterest boards.
  1. Digital Literacy: This board presents great resources for parents and teachers who want to teach to students how to be able to navigate critically online, read and select content that’s best for them.
  2. Online Safety: This board is still small, but you’ll find great information about cyber-bullying.
  3. Social Media in the Classroom: Twitter, Facebook and other social media are naturally used to make connections. This board will help you to figure out how.
  4. Civic Engagement: On this very cool board, Tami gives social studies resources such as bios of historical figures, activities for students to discover the world or the environment, and much more to make the students feel like part of a bigger community.
  5. Digital Citizenship: What does it mean to be a digital citizen? What is the difference between a citizen and an online citizen? This board tries to answer these very 21st-century questions.
All suggestions are welcome! Please feel free to leave a comment to add your favorite resources. 

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