OLE App Friday: Skeletal 3D ANATOMY

Summary: Skeletal 3D ANATOMY is a medical app that teaches about all of the 206 bones in the human body and the different categories of bones. The graphical interface displays the bones with a 3D view for a more realistic experience, and you can rotate the bones with the flick of a finger to see a 360-degree view. The anatomy encyclopedia also displays a vast amount of information about each bone and bone category.

App category: Education, Medical

Cost: $0.99


What I liked: The 3D graphics and ability to get a 360-degree view of the bones are great features. They definitely make learning about bones more lifelike and realistic, instead of just the flat images you see in most books and websites. There is also an encyclopedia section that describes the bones in detail and provides more than enough information to learn the anatomy well.

This app is very straightforward and easy to use, so there is really no learning curve to get it up and running quickly.

What I didn’t like: While the bone “encyclopedia” displayed a great amount of information, the text within this section was not very easy to read. The text was small, blue, and on a dark gray background, which made it more difficult to see. I would definitely recommend a cleaner approach to displaying a large quantity of text. I also had some issues trying to scroll on the text pages, and the pages seemed to “stick” and not move.

Do I recommend this app?

If you are a science teacher or a student learning about anatomy and bones, this is a great source of information and also allows you to get a good look at the bones with the 3D feature. I would recommend this app, but there are some minor bugs that I would like to see fixed, such as the scrolling issues on the text-based pages along with the graphic interface issues.

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